It is…, The Welsh Terrier is a small-sized Welsh breed dog which is originated in Wales. The Kerry Blue Terrier, also known as the Irish Blue Terrier is an active intelligent dog that makes an excellent pet for equally active families.Like any terrier, the Kerry Blue Terrier is not a lounging breed. Dog comes in blue, black, grey, silver and blue-black color. “Disciplined gameness.” Head is long and well-proportioned with V-shaped ears and dark eyes showing a keen terrie… It is also all-purpose farm dog. Each t-shirt is printed on-demand, ships within 1 - 2 business days, and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This condition is also referred to as cerebellar cortical abiotrophy (CCA) or Cerebellar Abiotrophy (CA). The dog is highly trainable but it requires confident and strong leader. Hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and cryptorchidism have also been reported occasionally. The Kerry Blue Terrier originated from Ireland in the mountainous region of County Kerry dating back to the early 1800s. The dog changes its color many times in lifetime. Email field should not … You'll probably need to go on a waiting list. Generally, they aren’t suitable for first-time owners due to their headstrong personality. They have always been loyal and affectionate towards their owners and very gentle towards children but were often considered downright mean toward other animals, including other dogs. Their coat requires quite a lot of grooming. Modern breeders have attempted to retain high spirits whilst breeding out aggression.[6]. As a long-legged breed, the activity level of the Kerry Blue Terrier ranges from moderate to high. Required fields are marked *, © 2013 - 2020 Animals Adda || All Rights Reserved. Comparing to other Terrier breed it is less vociferous. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a perfect example for very low drooling tendency. When I spoke to a breeder they said they were not. Unsere aktuelle Liste von Kerry Blue Terrier Züchtern, die derzeit Welpen abzugeben haben. He even helped herd sheep and cattle and was a natural protector of his family. [9] Many live to 13 or 14 years. The Irish nationalist leader Michael Collins owned a famous Kerry Blue named Convict 224. The Irish people considered him a working and sporting dog and did not think of him as a show … Today the Kerry has spread around the world as a companion and working dog. Finden Sie Ihren Kerry Blue Terrier Welpen in Ihrer Region. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a very loyal dog breed and can properly guard against intruders; However, the Kerry can turn on other dogs in the family when they come in contact with each other. They adore kids and are playful with them. [5] These tests included catching rabbits and bringing a badger to bay in its set. Displays an attitude of alert determination and definite terrier style and character throughout. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a polite companion and will be a loyal member of your family, welcoming friends of the family with an unrivaled fervor. Want to join? KERRY BLUE TERRIER: 5/11/2005: Français TERRIER KERRY BLUE : 5/11/2005: Deutsch KERRY BLUE TERRIER: 5/11/2005: Español KERRY BLUE TERRIER: 5/11/2005: Section: Large and medium sized Terriers: Date of acceptance on a definitive … [11], The first show of the Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club took place outside official curfew hours and was entered both by those fighting for and against an Irish republic. Eventually this breed was also used to carry out variety of jobs like herding cattle and sheep and guarding the property and farm.. Today most people own this dog for companionship. It can be guard dog, watchdog, working dog etc. They are suitable breed for apartment. It has black color nose with wide nostrils. The male Kerry Blue is usually 46–48 cm (18–19 in) tall at the withers and weighs 12–15 kg (26–33 lb), while the female is usually 44–46 cm (17–18 in) and 10–13 kg (22–29 lb). Hailing from the county of Kerry in southwestern Ireland, this dog has been bred for over 100 years. An average sized yard is best for them. [4], There is a romantic story of a blue dog swimming ashore from a shipwreck: the coat of this dog was so lovely that it was mated with all the female Wheaten Terriers in Kerry (or in all Ireland, according to some), producing the Kerry Blue. It is always alert and makes excellent watch dog. Questions about the Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Canada? Although sturdy, not designed for therapeutic or handicap use. Mousepads, t-shirts and more. In the early days of competitive dog showing, the Irish Kennel Club required Kerries had to pass a "gameness" test, known as Teastas Mor certification, before they were deemed worthy of being judged. Today most people own this dog for companionship. Kerry Blue Terriers are difficult to find. You are supposed to trim its hair and bath the dog after every 4 to 6 weeks. The dog can be used to herd and guard farm animals and crops. Average weight of the male 40-50 pounds and female should weigh around 30 to 40 pounds. The dog has closely packed curls which should be brushed daily, though it doesn’t shed much. The Kerry Blue Terrier is native breed to Ireland and is also called Irish Blue Terrier. They come in various shades of blue and slate. Measures about 36 inches. The Kerry Blue Terrier belongs to County Kerry which is a mountainous region of Ireland. The Dublin Irish Blue Terrier Club was so successful it led directly to the foundation of the Irish Kennel Club, and a Kerry Blue was the first dog that club registered. Generally, they are healthy dogs but they might get affected by few heredity diseases like dry eyes, cyst in skin, cryptorchidism, hypothyroidism etc. Does anyone on here have one or know someone who does? Average price of a puppy is $400-$1600. They require an active, skilled owner who can provide them with early socialisation and obedience training. It can be completely normal or a … Ears of the dog are v-shaped and tend to fall towards its eyes. This will distribute the oil found on its body and make the coat mats and debris free. The name comes from colour of the coat. [citation needed], With the development of dog shows in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the breed became standardised and "tidied up" for the show ring. All adorned with the lovely Kerry Blue. The Kerry Blue Terrier is named for the region where it developed, which is the mountains of Kerry in Ireland, hence it is also called the Irish Blue Terrier. Trimming its nails and brushing its teeth should also be a part of grooming regime. A true companion dog that will be with you like your shadow. It is a dog of medium build but is quite solid and muscular and needs to be supervised during play especially around young children. It is a loyal, lovable, bold and strong minded dog. They were originally bred to hunt vermin, such as rats, rabbits, badgers, otters, and foxes. They are fast, strong, and intelligent, and they do well in obedience, dog agility, sheep herding, and tracking. Dogs are generally born black and eventually get lighter in shade. Originally, the Kerry blue was only found in Ireland and was used as a Jack-of-all-trades on the farm. Rather, these guys love to get out and move. Collins even made an attempt to have the Kerry Blue adopted as the national dog of Ireland. Social Media. Any advice that you can give would be a big help. A recent online search turned up none — not even mixed breeds — available for adoption in the United States. Labrador Retriever – Well-mannered Gun Dog, German Shorthaired Pointer – All Purpose Gun Breed, Flat-Coated Retriever : A Dual Purpose Retriever, German Longhaired Pointer – A Multipurpose Gun Dog, St. Bernard Dog – A Large Working Class Breeds, Shetland Sheepdog – A Hard Working Dog Breed, English Setter – Facts, Pictures, Temperament, Puppies, Breeders, Russkiy Toy : Facts, Puppies, Price, Temperament, Standard Schnauzer – Moustache and Beard Bearing Dog. The Kerry Blue Terrier (also known as the Irish Blue Terrier) (Irish: An Brocaire Gorm) is a breed of dog. Definitely try Petful’s free adoption search, but if you’re set on getting a Kerry, you’ll most likely have to contact a breeder. All Kerry Blue Terrier found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Kerry Blue Terriers can have issues with aggression towards other dogs, and going to the dog park is something only a very well socialized Kerry Blue can handle. They sometimes get cysts or tumorous growths in their skin, but these are rarely malignant. They have been used as police dogs in Ireland. [10] The Kerry Blue Terrier was first observed in the mountains of Kerry in Ireland, hence the name of the breed. Kerry blue terrier is a good hunting breed. Progressive neuronal abiotrophy (PNA) is also seen but rare in the population. Kerry blue terrier puppies for sale Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Kerry blue terrier puppies for sale . Siehe selbst! [7] Another skin-related health issue is spiculosis though this has been successfully bred out by some breeders. The dog is aggressive and quarrelsome towards other animal. The majority of the dogs we help have been voluntarily surrendered by their owners to rescue. The Norfolk terrier has dropped ears whereas…, Taco terrier is not a purebred and is mixed between Chihuahua and Toy Fox Terrier. The dog has tightly packed curled hair. Kerry Blue Store. It is distinguished from the Norwich Terrier by ears. No breed is close to its appearance. The country of origin for this dog is United Kingdom and very less information is…, The Border Terrier is a small-sized terrier dog breed and is originated in England. You can take professional help for its grooming. The breed belongs to Ireland and is a working dog. Kerries require daily exercise. The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the 1700s in the County of Kerry in Ireland, from which the name "Kerry" derived, along with "Blue," for the color of their coat. The Kerry Blue Terrier (also known as the Irish Blue Terrier) (Irish: An Brocaire Gorm) is a breed of dog. [1], The coat is the key feature of the Kerry. The weight of a male and a female dog is similar that is 15-18 kg. Eventually this breed was also used to carry out variety of jobs like herding cattle and sheep and guarding the property and farm. Expert believes that the dog has Irish wolfhound and Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier in its bloodline. The dog is loyal and dedicated towards its pack. The breed became very popular as an all-around farm dog in rural Ireland. Kerry Blue Terrier X Labrador Retriever= Kerry Blue Terrier Lab mix The breed is proficient in killing badger, rats, rabbits, squirrel etc. It is used as hunt dog in small games. In keeping with this, this terrier is not exaggerated in build. Kerries are fairly healthy, but there are some genetic disorders that are prevalent in the breed. If properly trained, they make excellent dogs in almost any avenue. Entdecke 8 Anzeigen für Kerry blue Terrier zu verkaufen zu Bestpreisen. The Kerry is the national terrier of Ireland (under the name Irish Blue Terrier) and has become a symbol of Ireland. This means the Kerry Blue requires very regular grooming (at least once per week) and clipping an average of every 6 weeks. Height: Dogs 18-19 1/2″ (46-48 cm) at withers; bitches 17 1/2-19″ (45- 47 cm). Originally bred to control "vermin" including rats, rabbits, badgers, foxes, otters and hares, over time the Kerry became a general working dog used for a variety of jobs including herding cattle and sheep, and as a guard dog. The dog is strong-willed and needs experienced owner to domesticate it. Apart from meat and bones, the dog may also like cottage cheese, boiled eggs and fruits. Drooling is the unintentional saliva flowing outside of the mouth. The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the picturesque south-western Ireland, to be exact, in County Kerry between the late 1700s and the early 1800s. The dog is suitable for apartment with an average sized yard. Check the dog’s ear daily and clean it with vet approved solution. The Kerry Blue Terrier originated in the 1700s in the mountainous regions of County Kerry from which its name is derived. Originally it was bred to kill vermin, birds and rodents. Others suggest the Kerry was produced by the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier crossed with the Bedlington Terrier with (or without) some Irish Wolfhound or Irish Terrier blood. Its hair is dense and soft to touch. See the Kerry Blue Terrier compete in the Terrier Group at the 2020 National Dog Show. [8] A U.S. breed club survey puts the average lifespan at 9 1/2 years. They thrive better in cool temperature. Average height of the male is 18-19.5 inches and female stand at 17.5 – 19 inches from the withers. Some characteristics of the Kerry Blue Terrier include a long head, flat skull, deep chest, and a soft wavy-to-curly coat that comes in several shades of "blue", the general term outside this breed being progressive grey. If you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, the Kerry Blue Terrier could be a perfect choice for you. Owning this dog breed, requires great care, patience, knowledge, love, and diligence. The texture of the hair is similar to mixture of human hair and wool. They are prone to eye problems such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes), cataracts, and entropion. The Kerry Blue Terrier is known for its loyalty, intelligence and sometimes funny playtime antics. I wanted a dog and was thinking about buying a kerry blue terrier or and airedale terrier. [citation needed], "Collins's beloved Kerry Blue breed at risk in the UK", "Kerry Blue Terrier Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts", United States Health and Genetics Survey – 1999,, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2021, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 1 February 2021, at 01:14. Other Terrier behavior like chewing, chasing, digging and barking is intact in this breed also. It needs great deal of exercise and mental stimulation. It is a medium-sized unusual looking dog. The Kerry Blue is an upstanding, long-legged terrier with a short back, displaying strong bones and muscle. Kerry Blue Terriers appear to be great with childrennevertheless, as with all dogs, exceptionally close supervision is required to stop accidental harm to the […] Rehoming a Kerry? This…, The Norfolk Terrier dog is small-sized working terrier dog originated in the Great Britain. Top 10 worst things about a Kerry Blue Terrier (objectively speaking!) This is a skin disorder that produces abnormally thick hairs that are also called thorns, spikes, or bristles. This breed was developed by crofters who wanted an all-purpose dog. Its coat shed less but requires high maintenance. Each dog head, cast in resin, is hand painted by master artists in house. Available in sizes S - XXL. If they are socialised with other dogs this is no longer the case. However, due to their guarding instincts, they can be wary of strangers but will be quickly ‘won-over’ with a play or some fuss. Puppies are born black; the blue appears gradually as the puppy grows older, usually up to 2 years of age. The Kerry Blue Terrier, among the largest of the terrier breeds, is famous for his show-stopping blue coat. The Kerry Blue Terrier is a retriever, hunter, and herding dog from County Kerry, Ireland. Facebook; However, it is not an animal friendly breed which isn’t surprising because it is a common trait of all Terriers. So any personal stories would help. This is where the name "Kerry" was derived, and "Blue" came from the colour of their coat. Its eyes are small, black in color and expressive. Its tail is small and carried upwards. These dogs are found in many colors, i.e. It has blue-grey color coat and bangs of hair falls over its face which further gives it a unique look. I found this website and they said kerry blue terriers are good apt. See the Kerry Blue Terrier compete in the Terrier Group at the 2020 National Dog Show. It should be brushed daily and bath at least twice a month. The dog sheds negligible but you need to daily brush its coat. Support our breed by shopping or donating here. It is not animal friendly and is aggressive towards them. The Plummer Terrier is a small sized dog and is considered as the working terrier. Character: A compact and powerful, yet graceful terrier. Your email address will not be published. It is a hypoallergenic breed. The first literary reference to probably the Kerry Blue dates to 1847, when the author describes a dog that is bluish slate in colour, marked with darker blotches and patches, and often with black about the legs and muzzle. The Kerry blue terrier has a long and proud Irish history. The Kerry Blue Terrier originated from the County of Kerry in Ireland in the 1700's. The dog is tiny in size but has a heart of a lion. Immer mal wieder passiert es aus den unterschiedlichsten Gründen, dass ein Kerry nicht mehr bei seiner Familie bleiben kann und dann dringend ein neues Zuhause braucht. Puppies also … The Kerry Blue is heralded as the National Terrier of Ireland, where it is known as the Irish Blue Terrier. dogs. Purchase a womens t-shirt featuring the image of Kerry Blue Terrier Funny Dog Addiction by Jacob Zelazny. This member of the Terrier family is a multipurpose working dog. The Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue is made up of a group of dedicated Kerry Blue enthusiasts based in the UK who volunteer their time to care for Kerry’s in need. Der Kerry Blue Terrier Interessengemeinschaft von Kerry Blue Terrier Züchtern im KfT Perhaps this story is not entirely myth, as the Portuguese Water Dog is often suggested as part of the Kerry's makeup. Where to Adopt a Kerry Blue Terrier. He would clean the barn of rats and help hunt rabbits and birds on land or in the water. 5. Mounted on a solid birch Walking Stick with a solid brass collar and brass tip. Height of a male Kerry blue terrier is 18-20 inches, and the height of a female Kerry blue terrier is 17-19 inches. The dog is not suitable for busy people who cannot devote time to their dog. [1] Originally bred to control "vermin" including rats, rabbits, badgers, foxes, otters and hares, over time the Kerry became a general working dog used for a variety of jobs including herding cattle and sheep, and as a guard dog. It was said that the dog was bred at the border of Scotland and England. The extinct Gadhar herding dog is also mentioned as another possible branch of the Kerry's family tree. It is a people loving breed. [4], Kerry Blue Terriers are strong-headed and highly spirited. It is a versatile dog. The Kerry Blue Terrier is native breed to Ireland and is also called Irish Blue Terrier.It is a versatile dog.Originally it was bred to kill vermin, birds and rodents. Weight: Dogs 33-40 lb (15-17 kg); bitches slightly less. Email us at Please email us. The Kerry Blue Terrier can run, herd, trail, retrieve, swim, and protect the property from rodents—the ideal all around farm companion. Despite a Kerry Blue winning Crufts (the most prestigious UK dog show) in 2000, it remains an "unfashionable" breed Not many Kerry Blue Terrier puppies are born each year in the United States. The texture feels like a combination of fine human hair and wool. Despite a Kerry Blue winning Crufts (the most prestigious UK dog show) in 2000,[2] it remains an "unfashionable" breed,[3] and is distinctly uncommon; however, it is not as threatened as some of the other terrier breeds such as the Skye Terrier, Sealyham Terrier, and Dandie Dinmont Terrier. General Appearance: Upstanding, well-knit and proportioned, well developed and muscular body showing good balance. Dog’s food should be rich in proteins and calcium. Kerry Blue Terriers are energetic, energetic, and intelligent. Today the Kerry has spread around the world as a companion and working dog. It is a working class dog. Find Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Kerry Blue Terrier information. The dog can tolerate hot temperature but not extreme. It makes reliable guard dog. Their energy and endurance coming from their versatile farm dog background means the Kerry Blue Terrier needs physical and mental challenges as pets. It is a single coated animal. The dog has a long face and has eyebrows, beard and whisker which give it unique look and character. Life expectancy of this breed is 12-15 years. The unusual attribute about this breed is its unusual look. The Kerry Blue Terrier is the national terrier of Ireland, they are also known as the Irish Blue Terrier. It does not shed but continues to grow throughout the year. This breed is amiable and affectionate towards children. The … The dog is naturally protective towards its family. blue, gray, silver, and blue and black. You’ll be spending about $40 every three weeks. It is soft and wavy with no undercoat. About the author: Michele Welton has over 40 years of experience as a Dog Trainer, Dog Breed Consultant, and founder of three Dog Training Centers.

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