That was written and sent to Hurtigruten Limited in London 10 days before the MS Fridtjof Nansen‘s sistership MS Roald Amundsen arrived in Tromsø early in the morning of Friday July 31 with two sick crew members on board and information that a passenger on an earlier cruise had tested positive to the Coronavirus. Our flexible, low-cost, fast-track LNG-based solutions are designed to thrive in a low commodity price environment. Both the Hartevelds and the Facqs confirm Hurtigruten’s strict embarkation policy that followed the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and other ship operators. She will explore some of the most spectacular corners of the globe. Støtt oss via Vipps: 105 792 - Det betyr mye!, Editor:  The data gathered will be used by scientists around the globe to take climate research to a … Die Fridtjof Nansen ist das neueste Schiff der Hurtigruten-Flotte und das zweite, maßgefertigte Expeditionsschiff der nächsten Generation. Gaby spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, but survived. Albert and Gaby Facq were among at least four passengers who fell seriously ill with the Coronavirus after more than a week of cruising off Britain in March, on Norwegian shipping line Hurtigruten’s new expedition ship MS Fridtjof Nansen. She says she again mentioned their Corona ordeal and received a sympathetic response from the woman on the phone, but then all correspondence was turned over to a “Guest Relations Specialist” to handle the Hartevelds’ claims for refunds because of cancelled excursions and port calls during their cruise, which Hurtigruten blamed mostly on poor weather conditions. Reimbursement finally came more than four months after the cruise ended, and after Lilian Harteveld wrote about their Corona ordeal in an email on July 18. “Your administration, your communication and your helpfulness towards your customers is a complete disaster,” wrote Joeri Facq in an email on July 21 to Hurtigruten’s customer service center in London, where passenger queries had been directed after the British Isles cruise. Republished in cooperation with News in English. By that time, in July, Hurtigruten had resumed cruises after a three-month suspension forced by Corona restrictions all over Europe. The "Norwegian Coastal Express Route" (Bergen-Kirkenes) is a cargo-passenger ferry service along Norway's western and northern coast. MS Fridtjof Nansen's pool area (Image: Oscar Farrera / Hurtigruten) "We are monitoring the situation and will take immediate action if necessary. Nansen's ship Fram in the Arctic ice. Mobile: +47-905 73 143, Visiting address: Dieses hochmoderne Schiff besticht durch eine neue, umweltschonende und nachhaltige Hybridtechnologie. MS Fridtjof Nansen hat die erste Kreuzfahrt nach Norwegen ab Hamburg angetreten ... jedoch wurde seit Beginn der Corona-Krise keine neue Kreuzfahrt mehr gestartet – das galt zumindest bis zum vergangenen Freitag, den 26.06.2020. Kramviken did so again on Wednesday: “As all cruise lines, we have had procedures in place for infectious diseases for many years (that) have been continuously updated, including in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic.”. MS Fridtjof Nansen deck 9 plan (Bridge-Lindstrom Restaurant) Deck layout and review. From 2019, she will explore some of … Hamburg Blankenese. Those cruises, which attracted mostly German passengers (only 61, though, plus one French “guest” on the cruise that left Hamburg on July 10), were also suspended after the Corona outbreak on the Roald Amundsen and the third one returned to Hamburg on August 7. “Although she’s been declared ‘healthy’ by the doctors, she also still suffers from consequences of the Coronavirus, such as no taste and smell, very exhausted and difficulties sleeping.”. Hurtigruten's cruise ferries sail nearly the entire length of Norway and complete this roundtrip itinerary in 11 days. We report under full editorial independence and have no external interference. Am Freitag den 10.07.2020 verließ die Fridtjof Nansen von Hutigruten den hamburger Hafen. Blankenese. The four friends had actually planned to cruise together off China and Japan at the time, but ironically enough, “that cruise was cancelled because of Corona,” Harteveld wrote in an email to, “so we found the cruise from March 7-17. Albert Facq was attended to by the ship’s doctor on board the Fridtjof Nansen early in the morning of March 17. The buffet in the ship’s restaurant was closed and all chairs set a distance from one another in the meeting room aboard the ship, “which was not the case at the start of the cruise,” according to Joeri Facq. In Tromsoe, 41 passengers who had tested positive have been admitted to a hospital. The Facqs and Hartevelds traveled home together after the cruise by taking a taxi from the harbour at Portsmouth to London, and then the Eurostar train to Brussels. On each ship you will find modern facilities carefully blended with true character. Featuring Hurtigruten's revolutionary battery hybrid powered propulsion system, MS Fridtjof Nansen will be a near identical twin to her sister ship MS Roald Amundsen. MS Fridtjof Nansen From 2019, she will explore some of the most spectacular corners of the globe. Her husband and Joeri Facq’s father, the 76-year-old Albert Facq, died after more than three weeks in intensive care. He continues to suffer various after-effects from his ordeal. Select expedition itineraries aboard MS Fram, MS Fridtjof Nansen and MS Roald Amundsen are cancelled through May 2021. “How stupid can you be? „Wir haben Fehler gemacht“ Sign up for our newsletter to receive special offers and new itineraries first. The rate of exchange will be the … Hurtigruten failed to pass that information on to all the other passengers, allowing them to leave the ship as well with no precautions. They have all shared their story with, after reading about the recent Corona outbreak aboard the MS Roald Amundsen in Norway. Am 26.06.2020 startet die MS FRIDTJOF NANSEN von Hamburg aus die weltweit erste Hochsee-Kreuzfahrt seit Ausbruch der Corona-Pandemie. Peru and Chile - Machu Picchu and Incan Highlights (Itinerary 2) Visit Machu Picchu by the Hiram Bingham train and stay at a resort in the Sacred Valley; Combine a land adventure with a cruise to unique … Now the role of the Fridtjof Nansen‘s doctor is also a target of criticism. The recent outbreak on the Roald Amundsen is currently the target of multiple investigations in Norway amidst allegations that both doctors on board the vessel and Hurtigruten officials tried to cover it up. Travel Company This is the official site of the Hurtigruten ship MS Lofoten. MS Fridtjof Nansen, Tromsø, Norway. In April 1895, the Norwegian explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen struck out for the Pole on skis after leaving Nansen's icebound ship Fram. “We were really shocked about what happened on their ship now,” Lilian Harteveld, who’s been on several cruises with her husband and the Facqs, told after reading about the outbreak on the Roald Amundsen. Select expedition itineraries aboard MS Fram, MS Fridtjof Nansen and MS Roald Amundsen are cancelled through May 2021. The pair reached latitude 86°14′ North before they abandoned the attempt and turned southwards, eventually reaching Franz Josef Land. As the Corona crisis was sweeping over Europe at the time, the doctor instead diagnosed the feverish Facq with “Acute Febrile … Grund ist ein Corona-Ausbruch auf einem anderen Schiff - trotz Sicherheitsmaßnahmen. Compared to other (cruise) companies, Hurtigruten is not well-organized.” She also sent an Instagram message to Skjeldam in July, writing that “our friend became ill on the (Fridtjof Nansen) … the doctor on the ship was with our friend (who) died later,” but Harteveld said she “got no answer” from Skjeldam. Es ist bereits dass 2-te mal dass bereits eine Kreuzfahrt seit anfang der Corona Pandemie in Hamburg startet. Die laufenden Reisen werden zu Ende geführt. MS Fridtjof Nansen, MS Roald Amundsen. Was that true? First call in Hamburg. The vessel MS Fridtjof Nansen, which also has had Corona infection on board, was moved from Bergen to a fjord in Hellesylt to house film crew during shooting of the news Mission Impossible movie. Harteveld remembers that their friend Albert Facq “lost his appetite on March 14” and had “problems with his stomach.” His condition worsened and on the night of March 16-17, the ship’s doctor was summoned with a nurse. “He was given some medicine (Paracet, Voltaren and Metoclopramide, according to his “Medical Service Bill”) so it was possible to leave the ship,” Harteveld said. The Facqs’ Corona ordeal, along with that of two friends from the Netherlands traveling with them, suggests otherwise. This site uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Many of his 11 weeks in the hospital were spent in the intensive care unit at LangeLand Ziekenhuis in Zoetermeer, which has written about his ordeal and treatment in a hospital publication. Albert fell seriously ill while on board, tested positive for Covid-19 upon arrival back home in Belgium and died on April 15. Hurtigruten’s spokesman Kramviken wrote in an email to on Wednesday that “we can always handle information better, and will look at what can be done with cases reported after the voyage.”, Lilian Harteveld doesn’t think Hurtigruten “was professional enough.” She recalls that the Norwegian captain on board the ship told them during their fateful cruise that “I am not responsible for everything.”, “How can you say that,” Harteveld wonders. MS Roald Amundsen is a new hybrid powered Hurtigruten expedition cruise ship. He notes how officials have denied having any knowledge of infection on board, also in connection with what’s now called the “scandal” on board  the Roald Amundsen, “but they did not test any (passenger), so how could they know that no one was infected?” His parents definitely were. She will explore some of the most spectacular corners of the globe. Albert Facq was already seriously ill upon arrival home and all three others got sick shortly thereafter. "MS Fridtjof Nansen": Das neue Hybridschiff der norwegischen Reederei Hurtigruten sollte eigentlich am 1. As if being a pioneer exploring the North Pole isn’t enough, he also received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with refugees during the First World War. When Joeri Facq didn’t hear back from customer service, he forwarded his mail to Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam. We think we need vaccines before it’s safe enough to cruise.”, Publisher:  The route also includes Lofoten I… 16.04.2021 | Îles Canaries, Madère et Açores – Exploration des îles de l’Atlantique | MS Fridtjof Nansen; 22.04.2021* | Mer des Caraïbes – Îlots, criques et cultures (1er itinéraire) | MS Fram; 22.04.2021* | Amérique centrale – de la côte du Costa Rica jusqu’à Baja California | MS Roald Amundsen *Sailing date for the ship, excluding flights and overnights. Like the airlines, Hurtigruten has shown itself slow to offer refunds after cancellations, and far prefers offering vouchers for future cruises to preserve its cash. MS Fridtjof Nansen is the latest addition to Hurtigruten’s fleet of custom built ships – and the next generation expedition ship. Following in the footsteps of Fridtjof Nansen's ground-breaking expedition with his wooden sailing ship Fram in 1893-1896, the MOSAiC expedition brought a modern research icebreaker close to the north pole for a full year including for the first time in polar winter. While Hurtigruten claims it’s “impossible” to rate a medical assessment from mid-March, Facq wrote that “we suspect the doctor who visited my father had an idea that he was infected with Corona, but kept silent about it because he just wanted to get him ashore, to not have problems.” That’s also been an allegation in the case involving the two doctors on board the Roald Amundsen. Our cabin steward had a bad cold and was wearing a face mask. Während weltweit Kreuzfahrt-Reedereien einen Neustart nach dem Corona-Shutdown noch hinauszögern, wird in Hamburg nun ein zarter Anfang gewagt. 629 were here. The information was given in relation to a request for refunds by the guests themselves, which has since been handled.”. Tiempo: 14:39 Subido 02/07 a las 13:12:45 53110807 Facq sent some heated reaction to what he views as a company that, in the end, did not or could not protect its passengers from the Coronavirus and has since tried to avoid responsibility. 1933 sinking. Fridtjof Nansen was constructed with yard number 118 at the Royal Norwegian Naval Yard at Karljohansvern in Horten.She was launched on 5 November 1930, and command was assumed on 29 May 1931 by Commander Ole A. Blom.

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